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The Company

Founded on the Marshall brothers’ premise to have fun and work hard, a plan was formed to build something different and cutting edge. The simple concept of the industrial park has been moved forward to be a contemporary work space for companies that need more than a few desks in a shared work space. By keeping costs under control without compromising quality and by buying the best locations, The Nano Park Company is set to change the small unit market for ever.

Edward Marshall


A builder by experience with a quarrying background, Edward is all about making the best buildings in the best locations to attract the best tenants. The enjoyment of building the best with his brother is also shared with a love of the outdoors both on site, on a bike or climbing a cliff.

Jimmy Marshall


Starting as an accountant then a house builder, Jimmy keeps control of the fast growing and dynamic company he has formed with his brother. Another sportsman, he also loves to get out on the bike, to run including an Iron Man, to sail as well as to experience the culinary delights the world has to offer.

Chris Balme


Trained as a joiner but with a life time of construction experience and project management, Chris is one of the most experienced and talented industrial builders around today. With the experience to turn his skills to any project from listed buildings to contemporary offices, Chris has seen and done it all, “do it once, do it right and keep it costs effective” is his mantra. A dog lover and a man who likes to take in the world, Chris is a construction director second to none.

Kelly Jagger


Kelly is the glue that holds the Nano team together. Starting out wanting to be a teacher but moving into the world of the PA, Kelly has honed her skills at team management and implementation. As part of the Nano Park Company, Kelly makes sure the operations run smoothly, keeping check of customers, suppliers and probably most importantly, the team its self, to ensure the operation keeps pushing in the right direction. A mother of 2 (one being the husband), a baker, a crafter she loves family life but also to apply her organisational skills to community groups to help everyone around her.

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